Exhibitor / Dealer Info

Early Bird Discounts available

If you register and pre-pay your Show Package for our FULL 2 day shows at least 2 months in advance, we offer Early Bird Discounts of 10% for each package

To guarantee a equal and fair share of the shows for all exhibitors, WatchShowUSA by ASI does not allow customer to bring their own showcases to the Exhibition.

All showcases are equal and uniform for all exhibitors and are part of the Table rent arrangements.

Exhibitor Security Tips

All ASI organized shows and exhibitions feature heavy security for our members. Nevertheless, jewelry robberies are always a serious threat: many in our industry have been robbed, especially while traveling.

So in the interest of safety, please follow our tips for protecting yourself and your valuables.

Does your insurance policy cover every kind of loss? Keep the following tips in mind when evaluating or purchasing insurance for your merchandise.